Attica Studio Ceramics

One year ago Attica began a new creative endeavour, a pottery studio in the back of the restaurant. Ben Shewry’s passion for the arts and meaningful connections with the works found on the walls and tables in the restaurant was the foundation of the project. Until now the work made in the studio was only used in the restaurant, but starting next week Attica Studio Ceramics will be available to the public in their online shop. 

Ben has been championing local ceramicists long before it became ubiquitous in modern restaurants. When one of his chefs became eager to design a plate for the restaurant it was not far fetched for him to give her an opportunity and offer encouragement. Since that plate, a lot has happened. 

Attica Studio Ceramics is an educational and creative space that fosters inspiration and a deep connection with the wares used in the restaurant. 

Canadian chef Claire Ellis has been working at Attica for the past two and a half years. Her love of ceramics was born out of curiosity and admiration during her time spent in kitchens surrounded by beautiful and unique handmade tableware. On her days off, she began taking every pottery course and workshop available to her around Melbourne. In ceramics, like cooking, Claire finds joy in exploring the infinite possibilities of materials and technique.

Claire and the Attica development team have been collaborating on unique serving vessels for the dinning room for the past year. Careful consideration of the qualities of each new course and how it will be eaten inform the design for new wares. 

To adapt to Covid-19 Attica has found another way to keep making their custom pieces, they will be launching Attica Studio Ceramics for sale on the restaurant’s website shop. 

The online store will feature two ranges of functional tableware; ‘Attica at Home’ and ‘From the Dining Room’. The first is versatile, and compliments the pick-up and delivery menus, the latter will include the ceramics that were designed for specific tasting menu courses and are unique conversation pieces. 

Attica Studio Ceramics are designed to add to the joy of quiet rituals, noisy celebrations and sharing a table with loved ones.